churchInfront of Paoay Church. Our Lady of Manaoag College (OLMC) had a one-day Educational Field Trip to the provinces of Ilocos Sur and ‘locos Norte last March 8, 2012. The educational field trip was participated in by almost 165 students with the faculty and staff. Students were amazed with the natural and man-made tourist attractions of the
province. Batac in llocos Norte was the first destination wherein students together with the faculty enjoyed their moment at the Batac Church.

They also visited the Marcos Museum where memorabilia and collections of the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos is stored from his youth down to his presidency, Excited students did not waste their time to take pictures and documented various historical events by taking various photos of his accomplishments, his wife Imelda Marcos including his military awards, books and legislation during his term as senator and president. Pieces of his writings and his work desk were also viewed.

The group also went to the mausoleum where the glass-entombed preserved waxed remain of the late President Marcos is found. It is a gloomy place only lit with candles and the Gregorian chant music was played. Next destination was Paoay located south of the town of Bangui. They visited the Paoay church which is also known as St. Augustine Church, one of the oldest church in the Philippines. It is also among the major attraction of the province.

All of them were astonished with its distinctive architectural style. After two hours worth of drive, they finally experience the captivating beauty of Vigan City in Ilocos Sun They had an extra ordinary adventure to Baluarte where some of them discovered life among the animals in a unique and entertaining way like riding on a pony drawn by a carriage. At the town proper of Vigan, Spanish ancestral house captured their eyes when they tour the Heritage Village. Some of them enjoyed their few-minute ride in a calesa.

Vigan City is said to be unique among the Philippine town because it is the country’s most extensive and only surviving historical city that dates back to the 15th century Spanish Colonial period. The trip was made possible with the gratitude extended by the Pangasinan Provincial Government with the lending of their 4 tourist buses.

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