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    The Albano Bar Review Center or ABRC was started by its founder, former Dean and Regional Trial Court Judge Ed Vincent S. Albano during the review season for the year 2011 with an aim reflected by its slogan, “Nil Nisi Optimum” or “Nothing but the best.”
    Its founder Dean Ed Vincent Albano decided to start this review center in order to cater to law students who are looking for an alternative review center for the bar examinations other than those which are school-based.
    Dean Ed Vincent Albano, who has enjoyed success as a lawyer and an academician, as well as an author, brought forth his experience in order to ensure the success of reviewees in all the review programs.
    Its reviewers, who are all well-respected in their fields of specialization as well as its review centers located in key points all over the Philippines combine with the able staff of ABRC in order to provide nothing but the best, and as a result, has been well-received by reviewees, both from the freshly-graduated reviewees and the reviewees who have been less fortunate in taking the bar examinations at the first instance.
    ABRC offers programs ranging from the long-term review: the regular review program, the medium-term review: the special lectures, and the short-term review: the pre-week lectures and last-minute reviews.
    In all review programs, the ABRC has made it a point to its students that its goal and that of the student is similar: hurdling the Bar examinations.
    After two years of operation, ABRC can proudly say that it has remained true to its goal of providing nothing but the best for its reviewees, because at the ABRC, we recognize that without the reviewees, we would be nothing.

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