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    ASIAN CENTER FOR FOREIGN LANGUAGES (ACFL) is the realization of years of planning and conceptualization by a group of dedicated, creative and versatile Academicians and Language enthusiasts. Inspired by years of experience in the field of foreign language training, the ACFL team saw the need to offer a dynamic package of foreign language teaching that would be easy to master and put to use. Consolidating the respective experiences of the people behind it, the school prides itself in having drawn comprehensive learning modules for various foreign languages.
    As every student aspires to enter the school of his choice and as every parent tries to provide every possible means so the child achieves his goal, it becomes the review center’s responsibility to make sure that the student is well-prepared and best-armed when he takes the tests.
    Quality teaching is the mark of ACFL Review Center. It has its own materials that are reflective of its passion for academic excellence.
    Quality teaching is also achieved by having dedicated teachers who share the same goals as the students, the parents and ACFL. Our teachers have long been in the field of providing guidance and assistance to students who aim to ace the UPCAT, ACET, DLSUET and other college entrance tests.
    Our program covers arithmetic to pre-calculus and intensive grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension in English. It also includes a comprehensive coverage in Science and Filipino.

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