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    The ZMSF envisions the medical school to pioneer and implement a curriculum that combines competence and problem based instruction with experiential learning in the community, that is responsive to the changing patterns of health care development and the needs of these communities and is sensitive to the social and cultural realities of Western Mindanao.”
    The medical school exists to help provide solutions to the health problems of the people and communities of Western Mindanao
    i) Faculty Development. We recognized the need to train our faculty , graduates of traditional medical schools, with the tools for this new curriculum. This led to a faculty development program with the option of earning the Master of Medical Educational Degree.
    ii) Career Options. Our students needed a career option to medical specialties, which could equip and qualify them to field positions in the Department of Health. This lead to an optional Master of Public Health tract for the fifth (first post graduate) year. This MD-MPH has also become attractive to some members of faculty.
    We have enrolled about 15-25 students each year depending on the quality of the applicants. We have seen many changes in some communities where the students work. Ten graduates of the first class (1998) passed the examinations of the Philippine Medical Board in 1999, and majority are now working as physicians in remote regions, equipped in skills of community development.

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