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    MindGym Philippines is a lifelong learning center where education coaches share their best in a friendly, creative, and nurturing environment.
    It is operated and manned by a dynamic team of business, public administration, research and education professionals. It is a non-traditional educational venture owned mainly by a family of artists in the fields of architecture, fine arts, graphic design, and fashion – with ancestral roots in the education sector.
    At MindGym, we (your coaches) value excellence, creativity, accountability, friendship and family.
    We challenge our learners to achieve peak results in school, at work, and the board exams.
    We design courses that are strategically relevant to the needs of our different learners. We are passionate about teaching and sharing our knowledge, experience, and skills in the many fields of disciplines that we have gone through, the roads that we’ve taken, and the playgrounds and gyms that we’ve had fun in. One can expect each course at MindGym to be as unique as the group that attends it, to be fun and exciting with the out-of-the-box way we conduct trainings, and to be memorable enough to last one’s learning life.
    Recently, MindGym has pioneered an online LET review program to increase the chances of aspiring teachers, especially those in the provinces and overseas, to pass the LET.
    MindGym longs to be a change agent in lifelong learning. We’ve seen our seeds sprouting along this line as former LET reviewees, now professional teachers, come back to their MindGym family to coach and inspire current LET takers and to share teacher-stories of how they’ve touched a student’s life in their own way a la MindGym.

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    Target on, Future on: RD Leader, Dr. Gissella B. Lebron

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