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    The term Queen’s English or Received Pronunciation is the standard form of either the written or spoken English regarded as correct, or as written or spoken by educated people in Britain. The British Royal Family would generally be considered to be speakers of the Queen’’s English, followed closely by the British ruling class and the members of the British establishment. It is considered to be the most posh, sophisticated and is universally accepted as the benchmark for what is good and proper English.
    It’s simple yet elegant characteristics were the inspiration for our Head Coach (HC) Tony Santiago (who was educated in England as a Rotary World Peace Fellow) for an honest to goodness IELTS Review Center, one that would cater to the very demanding task of reviewing IELTS examinees for the crucial IELTS examination. In a way this was not new to him because his lifelong passion has always been to teach, train, inspire and empower his students to be the best that they can ever be. His approach to teaching and training is always guided by the idea of helping his students to achieve the greatest version of their grandest vision of themselves.
    The Queen’s English IELTS Review and Tutorial story started when Head Coach Tony Santiago was working in London and had the opportunity to meet and befriend some of our kababayans working there. He noticed that there were two types of Filipino workers: the first, were accomplished professionals who had high paying jobs, while those in the second category were complaining that they were stuck with dead end jobs which offered very little opportunities. The difference, he found out, was that our “well paid kababayans” spoke English fluently while the ones with low paying jobs generally had a poor command of the language. He concluded that to remedy this situation, there was a need to train Filipinos on the proper way to speak English and express themselves in a way that will improve their chances of being successful overseas.
    Upon his return to Manila, Head Coach Tony decided to take matters in his own hands and established Queen’s English IELTS Review and Tutorial Center. He deftly combined his knowledge and experience of studying , working and living in England with his extensive experience in corporate training and the academe to put together a teaching and training methodology to ensure all our reviewees not only pass but ACE the IELTS . Thus, Queen’s English or QE was born.

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