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    At Gullas there’s an emphasis on teaching good scientific knowledge and a sound understanding of physiology and anatomy. Later on you can select the relevant bits and tailor it to what you’re interested in., The University of the Visayas is a center of excellence that inspires faith in the Almighty, Love, Leadership and Service to Humanity.With its commitment to the ideals of love, leadership and service, and the development of need breed of leaders, who are morally upright and spiritually inspired, the University of the Visayas operates and maintains educational which are nationalistic and democratic, and attuned to nationally & internationally accepted. While it nurtures academic exceallence, it also works for the enhancement of high-level professions and relevant to community development and the society needs of the country.The University of the Visayas was founded by the late Don Vicente Gullas in 1919 as the Visayan Institute in Cebu City.

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